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Bosch Ultra Series Canister Vacuum Review

The Ultra series is Bosch’s top-of-the-line family of canister vacuums, offering high power along with low noise. Powered by a 12-amp motor and 1,300 watts, this vacuum extracts dirt from all surfaces with little effort.

The 13-inch head has both a roller nozzle and carpet lifter so it is equally as adept at cleaning hard floors and carpets. This vacuum also has an adjustment control for reducing the suction on more delicate surfaces, such as drapes. Locking telescopic wands let you adjust the length of the hose and an ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip while vacuuming.

A charcoal/HEPA filter ensures that dust and other irritants are drawn into the vacuum and not dispersed through the air. A 1-1/2-gallon bag collects debris and an electronic indicator lets you know when the bag is full. A motor protection filter and Microsan exhaust filter keep larger particles from getting to the motor and causing damage. In addition, the vacuum has a patented noise-suppressing design that minimizes the sound of the motor during operation.

The Ultra operates with a fingertip remote control and comes with four tools--an upholstery nozzle, a furniture brush, and long and short extension nozzles--that are all stored within reach. Four wheels below the canister swivel 360 degrees for optimum mobility and have slide control to prevent the vacuum from slipping.

For convenience, the power cord stretches to a maximum of 23 feet, giving you a maximum cleaning radius of 34 feet, and rewinds electrically. This lightweight vacuum weighs only 12-1/2 pounds and measures 23-1/2 inches high and 15-3/4 inches wide.

Review By Cristina Vaamonde

Bosch Ultra Series Canister Vacuum - Product Description

When only the best floor care will do for your home, the Bosch Premium Prestige Vacuum is the one to consider.

The Premium Prestige Vacuum Cleaner handles whatever a typical home can throw at it with speed, efficiency and quietness. Perfect for the family suffering from allergies, the Bosch Premium Prestige features the Air Clean HEPA Active Filter System with Charcoal filter (Bosch's most effective filter for the ultimate in hygiene) and the easily replaceable new 3-layer MEGAfilt SuperTEX dust bag.

This product meets the German Institute of Air Quality (DMT) standard for particle retention. This ensures the air expelled from the vacuum is extremely clean and approved for inhalation due to the filtration system and sealed dust bag. Bosch is the only worldwide company to be awarded this certificate for compact canister cleaners.

Bosch vacuum housings are so well sealed and retain dirt and pollen so completely that the TUV Institute of Germany recommends them for all allergy sufferers. Unlike bag less designs that say they are great for allergies, the Bosch dust bag solution makes more sense!

A bag less design may offer HEPA filters which help only while you are vacuuming. At some point, you need to empty the dust and dirt from your vacuum and then the HEPA filter does you no good at all - and you find yourself immersed in a cloud of dirt, dust and allergens!

The new three-layer MEGAfilt SuperTEX dust bag is Bosch's most advanced design yet, filtering out even the finest particles. Bag removal couldn't be easier and cleaner with a sliding handle that covers the opening to keep dirt inside the bag, where it belongs.

The Bosch Premium Prestige attacks allergens on multiple fronts. Only maximum suction power can really eliminate the finest dirt, stubborn dust mites and bacteria from your home and achieve the level of cleanliness you demand. Suction power is not only determined by the maximum power of the motor, but by the optimal combination of the vacuum

Bosch Ultra Series Canister Vacuum - Product Features

Product Features
Color: Silver

  •      12-amp motor; 1,300 watts; low noise
  •      13-inch head with roller nozzle and carpet lifter; locking telescopic handle
  •      Charcoal/HEPA filter; Microsan exhaust filter; electronic ¿bag-full¿ indicator
  •      Four on-board tools; 360-degree rotating wheels; 23-foot cord with electric rewind
  •      Weighs 12-1/2 pounds; 23-1/2 inches high; 15-3/4 inches wide

Bosch engineers worked for 3 years painstakingly designing and testing each element of the Premium Series vacuums so that they would not only improve cleaning effectiveness, but also make vacuuming easier, faster and more comfortable. From cutting edge-filtration to its fingertip controls, the Premium Series is the pinnacle of modern-day vacuum engineering.

Only maximum suction power can really eliminate the finest dirt, stubborn house mites, pollen and bacteria from your home and achieve the level of cleanliness you demand. Suction power is not only determined by the maximum power of the motor, but by the motor and the floor tool combined. Therefore, the combined suction power of these two forces together is what determines how clean your floors will be. Bosch has created a high-speed fan and a technically engineered suction hose that assures optimal air flow dynamics. Thanks to this fine tuning, power loss is considerably reduced and the suction power on the floor tool is increased. In addition, enough air flows through even the finely-pored extra-thick HEPA filter to achieve peak suction values. These floor tools not only clean with power and precision, they also feature a considerably higher level of hygiene efficiency due to the unique Bosch filter system.

Bosch Ultra Series Canister Vacuum - Customer Review

Customer Review At

"As expected from a product made in Germany and with a name like Bosch, the quality seems to be very good. The suction is great, the telescopic handle is conveinient. One thing I didn't expect for a vacuum with a retail price of 699 was the cord for the powerhead that uses plastic snap on rings to attach it to the hose. I've seen 599 simplicity's that have the cord built into the hose, but then again, I only paid 225 shipped on sale. You'd have to be an idiot to get electrocuted by touching the connector for the powerhead when the vacuum is on. The variable power is nice eacuse the powerhead can be hard to move on area rugs with full suction."
- Anthony Butcher

"I bought my first Bosch vacuum about a year and a half ago. By far, it picked up more dirt than the Dyson or any other vacuum I have ever owned. It lasted through the last 8 months of a remodel to my home and my contractors using it on all sorts of dust and rubble! I just bought a second one to keep on the first floor! It definitely gets a THUMBS UP by me"